Welcome to Faith Library. We are expanding the library to include new materials and contributors. Our goal is to provide a place for community amongst ministry leaders and students of the Bible. Find and share sermons, sermon notes, bible study lesson plans, small group topics and more!


Faith Library, one of the Internet's oldest resources for sermons. In addition to providing in-depth articles, sermons and other resources, the library is meant to be a community resource for ministry leaders and Biblical students.. We're continuing to add to this resource as new materials become available, and will continue to expand into new areas, including video, small group lesson plans, and bible study lesson plans.


With more than 500 Sermons to date, Faith Library is one of the Internets oldest sermon resources. We are accepting new contributors to the Faith Library Community. Share your sermons with ministry leaders around the world!


With the launch of our new website we are looking for sermon and teaching videos. If you would like to make video content of your sermons available to other ministry leaders and students please let us know!